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The Party Everyone Will Pay For?

As of December 2004, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. PBGC had taken over pension plans with liabilities that exceeded assets by $23 billion. Earlier this year United Airlines increased the PBGC’s deficient by an...

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IRS Okays New 401(k) Strategy

In June, the IRS released guidance (confirming its prior position on this issue) blocking one corporate tax strategy to accelerate the deductibility of 401 (k) salary deferrals and matching contributions that are attributable to...

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Tax benefits for Roth not fully settled

There is apparently a still open issue relating to qualifying for tax free distributions from a Roth 401(k). The issue arises if EGTRRA — the 2001 pension reform legislation that, among other things, created Roth 401(k)...

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India Outsourcing Comes Home

Is your plan’s third party administrator (TPA) outsourcing any of your plan administration services to India? You may never know the answer to this question unless you ask. You just may want to do that based on recent...

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