The presentation of the “Small Business Council of America Humanitarian Award” has been deemed the highlight of the Annual Awards Reception held in Washington, D.C. for the past 17 years!  It is now time to start the process to obtain nominations for the 2023 SBCA Humanitarian Award nominees. As discussed below, your nominations are due no later than April 1, 2023. The Humanitarian Award Committee is composed of Paula Calimafde, Matt Kadish and myself.  This Committee is now seeking nominations from SBCA members.

If you would like to nominate someone for the SBCA’s 2023 Humanitarian Award, please send the Committee a full biographical description of the nominee and a narrative statement providing specific information about the nominee’s qualifications for selection, together with any supporting endorsements from other business leaders, employees, charitable organizations, etc.  If selected, your nominee should be available to attend the Awards Dinner and Reception in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday evening, May 10, 2023.

Your statement should include information regarding how the nominee meets the following criteria:

1.         The nominee must be U.S. citizens and should be a present small business owner or a past owner where the business is still managed by the nominee’s family or employees. The nominee does not have to be a member of the SBCA.

2.         The nominee can also be a family member of an individual described in paragraph 1.  In many cases, a spouse or family member of the business owner participates in substantial activity with the support of the business owner. We want SBCA members to feel comfortable selecting either the business owner or any member of the business owner’s family for our Humanitarian Award.

3.         We are looking for nominees who have a sustained and contemporary history of charitable support in a local, state-wide, or even a national basis.

4.         These eligible activities are 501(c)(3) activities, primarily in the charitable or educational area as well as the civic or other charitable endeavors.

5.         We are looking for nominees who demonstrate a charitable commitment based upon a time commitment and other support activities that may not necessarily be financial.  We are looking for people who are clearly committed to making the world a better place for people in need.

SBCA will contribute $1,000 to the Humantiarian of the Year winner’s charity of choice.

In addition, the Chris Carrey Charitable Foundation will donate $1,000 to the Humanitarian Award award winner’s charity of choice. During the past 17 years, due to the generosity of some SBCA members, additional amounts were added to the amount presented, so the actual amount given by the Foundation was well in excess of $5,000.

We will publicize the award winner on a national and local level and we will also publicize selected runners up in the applicable local press.

The SBCA may also, when appropriate, select nominees to receive an honorable mention local award which would be presented to the award winner by the SBCA sponsor in a local setting.

We will also give the Humanitarian Award winner and each nominee a complimentary individual membership to SBCA for the period May 2023 through December 31, 2024.

To allow the Committee adequate time to evaluate the nominees, your nominations must be received by the Award Committee by April 1, 2023.  Nominations should be mailed to: SBCA Humanitarian of the Year Committee, c/o Kathy Glenn, Paley Rothman, 4800 Hampden Lane, 7th Floor, Bethesda, MD  20814. You may also email Kathy at  Nominations may also be emailed

No nominations will be accepted after April 1, 2023.