The Small Business Council of America’s Connie Murdoch Award is presented at the Annual Congressional Awards Reception at the US Capitol to a member of the SBCA in recognition of his or her outstanding leadership, dedication and achievement on behalf of SBCA during the preceding year.

This award is presented in memory of the late Connie Murdoch, one of the leading tax attorneys in the country, and his significant contributions to the SBCA.

Any SBCA member who has been in good standing for at least one year is eligible to nominate a candidate for this award.


Connie Murdoch Award Recipients

1986 Donald Dahlgren

1987 Paula Calimafde

1988 Morton Harris

1989 Harold Apolinsky

1990 Robert Midkiff

1991 Jack Linton

1992 Michael Pietzsch

1993 Al Martin

1994 Patricia Brown

1995 Ronald Waldheger

1996 Thomas Yearian

1997 James Parker

1998 Peter Shanley

1999 Charles Johnson

2000 Michael Coyne

2001 Sam Gilbert

2002 Peter Weinbaum

2003 Neil Carrey

2004 Thomas Farnam

2005 Ron Merolli

2006 James Starshak

2007 Matt Kadish

2008 Elise Feldman

2009 Alex Brucker

2010 Leanne Redstone

2011 Gary Kushner

2013 George Buffington

2014 Linda Parker

2015 Brad Knox

2016 Sandra Turner

2017 Winnie Coyle

2018 Sam Gilbert

2019 Karen Rotgin-Bialek, Esq.